Form I-9

Latest Updates to I-9 Form Requirements

This template is familiar to every employer and employee in the U.S. Usually form i-9 online is used to verify whether a newly hired person is allowed to work legally. It also helps employers to check the identity of each job applicant they wish to hire. It is important to remember that it is illegal for employees to provide falsified identity information. Employers, in their turn, are not allowed to refuse hiring somebody just because the documents they provide have an approaching expiration date or because their I-9 revealed that he or she is a permanent resident or a refugee.

What Documents are Acceptable for I-9

So what are the papers that one needs to present to prove he or she is authorized to get a job in the U.S.? First of all, we are talking about papers that confirm your personality and citizenship.

  • For American citizens, a valid U.S. passport (List A), driver’s license or ID card (B), or U.S. Social card (C);
  • For foreigners, Permanent Resident Card or a valid foreign passport.

All the documents that may be presented to confirm employee’s identity and eligibility are divided into three categories. List A contains items that confirm both your personality and work eligibility. List B is for those that establish your identity. Finally, list C helps your employer to verify your job authorization.

It is mandatory for each employee to prepare all required papers and give them to the hirer not later than three days after the first day of work for pay. If an employee is eligible but can’t present all the necessary evidences within three business days, he or she should provide a receipt for the application of the documents within three business days and the actual papers within ninety days.

How to Complete Newest I-9 PDF Template Online

The best way to fill out online blank is to use a fillable template in PDF format. You can access it from any Internet-connected device. Click the preview or press “Star Now” to start editing it in your web browser. Please remember that employees only fill out Section 1 of the form, while Sections 2 and 3 are completed by employers or their authorized representatives.

Candidates are allowed to use translators to help them complete the blank form. In this case, a translator must specify his personal details in the special box. The same rule is applied when Sections 2 and 3 of I-9 are filled out by an employer’s authorized representative.