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I am addicted to my smartphone and wasting so much energy and time on?

Oh son of Bharata, oh bull among men, what is your actual problem? Phone? Facebook? Or you not able to resist the below video on your feed? Or this game? Or some other junk content? A phone or Facebook is just a tool. A tool does not do anything on its own. What a tool does totally depends on who is holding it. Some of the writers are advising to delete Facebook. Some are asking to use basic handset. You can pluck the eyes out of a man who has surrendered to lust, but that doesn't do any good. Because imagination doesn't need eyes. Do one thing. Start saying no to small temptations. This will boost your confidence and in the long run you will grow stronger to say no to bigger temptations. Oh best among men, the problem is not situated outside. The problem is within and so is the solution.

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