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How to prepare Form I-9

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Supply all essential information within the fillable fields and put your electronic signature within the signature area if required.
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About Form I-9

Employers must also retain a copy of each form for five years after the date on which it is received by the employer. Employers must also retain a copy of current Forms I-9 and I-9B, as applicable. Employees must produce proof of the information provided to them when completing their Form I-9, including the information about pay, including a pay stub. Employees must certify under penalties of perjury that they have complied with this section. [17] Employees must retain an original copy of the Form I-9. It is not required that the Form I-9 have a date of birth stamp. The employer must notify the IRS if any of the information on the Form I-9 appears to be inaccurate and must retain the correct information until such time as the Form I-9 is amended to reflect the additional information. Employees must retain copies of current Forms I-9A and I-9B, as applicable. [4] Under penalty of perjury, employees must report the current amount they earn. Each employee's filing status, however, does not impact their ability to claim the earned income credit. Employers can change the amount of their tax liability in a tax year by filing Form 1065-B and paying the appropriate amounts for the last three years, including any extension of time of payment. This is referred to as an “accrual” of tax. [17] Employees must retain a copy of Form 1065-B. [4] Employers must retain a copy of Form 1065-B. They must also retain the “Accrued Benefits” section, Form 1065, and any additional instructions contained within. [17] An employee must also make a certified statement to the IRS confirming that, under penalty of perjury, the employee: Is over 35 years old at the time of filing Is a resident of the United States for taxable years beginning before the year the employee first files Form I-9 or I-9A, but ending with the year the employee filed Form I-9 or I-9A The employee's name is correct, and The employee received wages for each employment that ended in a year (see § 2635.

What Is I 9 Form?

I-9 form is an Employment Eligibility Verification. It is intended for verifying individual`s identity and employment authorization in order to be employed in the U.S.

An employer has to ensure the proper completion of a form by an individual. Such form has to be obligatory filled out by both employer and employee.

In addition to I-9 an individual has to pran employer with documents confirming his/her identity and eligibility to be employed. Further an employer will inspect these documents if they are genuine and valid and record document related information on the form. A person may find the list of required documents on the last page of a document.

The important fact is that fillable I-9 form doesn`t require a social security number to be provided and excludes any filing fee.

A blank I-9 form sample is divided into 3 sections and consists of three pages. First two pages present the document itself and the last one includes list of documents requested to be attached for preparing a form in PDF. Before completing a document it is vital to read all specified instructions provided in each section in order to duly prepare a document .

First section is usually completed by employee on the first employment day and comprises his/her personal and status details. It has to be signed mandatory by an individual.

Section 2 provides information regarding verification of individual`s documents by an employer or his authorized representative and it is to be completed within three days of the employee`s first employment day. It includes details about document`s date of issue, expiration date and issuing body. After completion this section is to be signed by an employer.

Section 3 is designated to reverification and rehires and it is completed and signed by an employer. By signing the two last sections an employer confirms that an abovementioned individual is eligible to work in the U.S. and his/her documents appear to be legal and valid.

Examine attentively a list of documents needed in order verification procedure to be smooth.

Online answers enable you to organize your doc management and enhance the productiveness of your respective workflow. Comply with the quick guidebook to be able to entire Form I-9, prevent glitches and furnish it inside of a well timed method:

How to finish a I9 Form?

  1. On the website together with the variety, click Launch Now and move towards the editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the related fields.
  3. Include your individual knowledge and make contact with data.
  4. Make certainly that you enter suitable information and facts and figures in appropriate fields.
  5. Carefully check out the written content of your kind in addition as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer to support area in case you have any doubts or deal with our Support workforce.
  7. Put an digital signature on the Form I-9 while using the help of Indication Device.
  8. Once the form is done, press Accomplished.
  9. Distribute the prepared variety through e-mail or fax, print it out or preserve on your own device.

PDF editor will allow you to definitely make adjustments to your Form I-9 from any online linked product, personalize it in keeping with your needs, signal it electronically and distribute in numerous ways.

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FAQ - Form I-9

What is the purpose of Form I-9?
Federal Law 45 CFR Part 46 requires employers to provide the names of employees who receive tips to their employer on Form I-9. The law also requires the employer to withhold and report a portion of the amounts they pay tipped employees. Where do employees report tips received and expenses incurred on their taxes? Employees have six months to report and withhold money from their wages. Employees are required to file their federal income tax returns on a calendar-year basis. Employers must withhold and report the full amount of income tax on all wages and compensation, including wages and tips received by their tipped employees. The employee must file federal income tax returns for each year that taxes are withheld from wages or compensation of their tipped employees. Tip reporting by employees can easily be automated with software. Employees must report their tips on their federal income tax returns. Taxable Compensation from Non-Tipped Employees Non-tipped employees may be entitled to more in the form of taxable compensation. Some example non-tipped sources of compensated employees include: Wage premiums Wage extensions Union dues Wage reductions Tip credit/incentive payments Exercises of stock options Other forms of taxable compensation in addition to tips When can tips be reduced or withheld from taxable employee compensation? The IRS is currently developing the 2018 Form W-4, Wage and Tax Statement. This tax form will help businesses to track tips, and to keep track of the amount the employer is actually paying their tipped employees. Employers should begin using this form the first few months of 2018. The IRS will publish new guidance on this form as it becomes available. In the meantime, check with your state's Department of Taxation for the applicable tax law for tips. Taxation of Tips in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, Oregon, Vermont and Washington The state taxes tip on a percentage basis. All tip revenue is divided equally among all non-tipped employees. Non-tipped employees with a tip credit are entitled to 10 percent of their tips, while employees without a tip credit receive 20 percent of the tips earned by them. The total amount of taxable wages and tips of all employees can exceed this amount up to 10 percent of their total compensation.
Who should complete Form I-9?
Every foreign national residing in the United States who is a citizen or national of a person or relationship described on Form I-9 is required to complete the form. How do I complete Form I-9? Go to and select Filing Assistance/Forms. Once you select the appropriate link, you will be taken to a pop-up page, where you will need to click on File Form I-9A. When complete, click on Submit. If you did not get the pop-up page you may need to add it to your Internet Explorer or Firefox Internet browser. The following steps will walk you through the process. You will need to: Identify yourself by listing your name, social security number (SSN), date of birth, place of birth, and address Name your employer by clicking on the “Employer” box and providing the employer's name, address, and telephone number Name your country of citizenship by filling out the required information from the box provided Provide your date of birth Provide the following information for each country of citizenship Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, and Sex. To identify the purpose of your foreign travel, choose the following options To see any of these information fields completed for each country of citizenship, click on the box Country of Citizenship Select Country, Country of Citizenship, or Select Country, United States. Enter the following information in the box to the right, if required. Provide the following information in the box to the left, if required. This field can be completed only once. Country of Citizenship Country Information (if the country of citizenship is not listed, go to the next step and fill the information out for the country or contact the nearest embassy or consulate.) United States: Name of Country Enter your name for the purpose of immigration. Provide your full name to match your country of citizenship. This field can be completed only once. Name of Country Enter your name for the purpose of immigration. Provide your full name to match your country of citizenship. Enter your last name or name in a different position for the purpose of identification. For additional information on the contents of Form I-9, go to. Click on the Apply button to continue.
When do I need to complete Form I-9?
If you are an employee who does not have an employer who generally requires the employer to withhold or report the withheld income and Social Security number, you must file Form I-9 within 3 years of the day on which the pay to which the Form I-9 relates was received (that is, the day that the pay is actually paid or accrued, if that were timely), or within 3 years of the date your pay began, whichever is later, and file Form I-9 to report the withheld income or the Social Security number after the employer had a reasonable time to make or notify of an adjustment to the withholding of taxes due as determined under any of the following, and before any wage or tax information is forwarded to the Social Security Administration: the pay-for-service of your regular employees; any pay for service you provided to, or for the benefit of, an employee's spouse, domestic partner or child, regardless of how long either of them has worked for the employer; any compensation you received as a participant or consultant in a tax shelter, or Any compensation for which you are required to withhold and pay income tax. If you are an independent contractor, have not received wages for services as a regular employee, or do not file Form I-9 as required, your withheld income or Social Security number will be reported to the Social Security Administration on Form W-2.
Can I create my own Form I-9?
Form I-9 isn't limited to just workers in the U.S. It has also been approved for use in Canada, Mexico, Australia, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands and a number of other countries. Can I use Form I-9 with my foreign employer? I-9 works great with all employers. You're allowed to get paid by the “employment date” you enter into your employment contract. If you enter into a non-exempt employment contract, then your employment for the employment period listed on Form I-9 should not exceed 180 days. This is the minimum amount that it will pay you (see FAQs #12 and #13 for why this is important). There's no maximum amount on a Form I-9, you just need to use it correctly. What should I put on my Form I-9? You need to indicate clearly on Form I-9 as much as the following information: Where did you obtain your employment? The amount earned (salary, commission, bonuses, etc.) Name or names of your paying clients and employees Date, place, and purpose of job Name of organization (your employer, business associate, and business) Your address and telephone number If any, the names of any company or association you're associated with What type of work did you do? I-9 must be in PDF format and is not available in hard copy form. You must mail it back to the appropriate address on Form I-9 and include a copy in your payroll records. Can I ask my former employer to send Form I-9? Yes, in your case. In most cases, a former employer must send you Form I-9 or send you notice of the change in your salary, commission or other change in employment status in advance of the “employment date” on Form I-9. Some situations require more documentation, such as for situations when your employer no longer operates your business or if you were laid off, terminated, demoted, or transferred to another position from which you did not transition. Do I need to pay U.S. taxes on Form I-9? Yes. Your Form I-9 must be filed with your income tax return, as well as any other income tax you may owe. You will have to pay a 4.
What should I do with Form I-9 when it’s complete?
After your application has been approved, be sure to receive an email from us from when your application has been received. Form I-9 allows a U.S. employer to identify the right person for you (the “person to whom” the I-9 application applies), and to provide you with all appropriate documentation and information regarding your work authorization and your current conditions of stay. You should have received an email with your status once your Form I-9 and the supporting documentation is received. A status update email is also sent to the applicant(s). This email will advise you in which state the I-9 has been approved. If you have not been notified, continue to check the status page of your Form I-9. It may be delayed for some time pending the arrival and processing of supporting documentation. If you do not receive an email from us after your application has been approved, it is because the I-9 or its supporting documents have not landed in Canada. An email notice will be sent to you after all the supporting documents have arrived. It is always a good idea to check your email for an up-to-date status. If your status has not been updated, and you have not received more information about the status of your application, there are several options at your disposal to continue with the I-9 process. Contact your local U.S. embassy and ask for further advice on your status. Ask them to take a copy of your Form I-9 (or its equivalent from another country) to the Canadian embassy to help resolve your issue. Ask the Canadian embassy to contact the U.S. embassy to find out what status of the immigration proceeding has been issued to you. Find out the most recent information about your pending I-9 case at. If you don't receive a response after contacting your local U.S. embassy, you should consider another immigration or visa office that you prefer to contact. Your local U.S. embassy is not responsible for processing the status of your Form I-9 once it has arrived in Canada. If the status of your application has been suspended or cancelled by your local U.S. embassy, it is still possible to get it processed again at a U.S. consulate in Canada. Who is covered under Form I-9? The definition of a “U.S. citizen” under U.S.
How do I get my Form I-9?
This is a question from readers of the blog. As of January 6, 2016, the USCIS now has two forms you can use for I-9 processing: Form I-9 — Request for Processing of a Favorable Employment Authorization Document Form I-601 — Petition to Initiate an Electronic Filing of an Election There are several other USCIS forms you might need for I-9 processing. Once you register with the USCIS, start by visiting the Forms subpage. The forms you need to file with USCIS can be found here: USCIS Forms. How long it will take to process my request for a Form I-9 depends on your individual circumstances. However, processing I-9 requests may take several weeks based on the type of request you make and the USCIS processing schedule. You can see the specific timelines for your specific type of request (F1, F2, or F3). Also, see if the agency or USCIS will allow additional time to complete your request. What happens if someone else files my Form I-9? If someone else files your Form I-9 with USCIS, you can tell them you do not want you name listed on the I-9. That makes no difference when someone else files a Form I-9 and the name on your I-9 cannot be removed until the I-9 is approved or cancelled. There are other things you should do. You might want to request to have the same name listed on your I-9 as on your marriage license, or your Social Security card.
What documents do I need to attach to my Form I-9?
Incomplete forms cannot be submitted, including those required by state laws with which you have failed to comply.
What are the different types of Form I-9?
What if I have multiple ones in an application? It is best to review all I-9 forms you receive on or after June 30th. The I-9 form is required by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and should be completed only by the employer for the employee. If you received an I-9 on or after June 30, 2017, it will indicate which form was used. If you have received an I-9 from a previous employer, you should review it to make sure that it meets the requirements that have changed. If you have multiple I-9 forms that you received from a previous employer, you must review them to be sure that they match the requirements that apply to you. If the I-9 forms do not match the requirements, the employer must notify you by March 31st of the year the new rules were implemented. The employer is responsible for providing you with the updated forms, but you are obligated to provide these forms to the new employer if requested. Which I-9 forms can I submit? Depending on what type of employment you hold, you may be able to submit a different I-9 form. The I-9 forms are: A Notice of Proposed Federal Contractor (NFC) A Notice of Proposed Federal Contractors (NPC) A Notice of Proposed Federal Business Associate (NB FSA) A Notice of Proposed Federal Business Associates (NB FSA) The Notice of Proposed Federal Business Associate (NB FSA) is required by the United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and it is used for certain types of contracting. However, it may be used for non-competitive federal contracting as well. A Notice of Proposed Federal Corporate Audit (NCAA) is a form that companies often used to submit when they are audited by a government agency. Can I use any of these I-9 forms? Yes, you can use any applicable I-9 form. However, they are only forms that DHS has issued. You will get to make all the selection or interpretation of your form. How will I know whether an I-9 form is correct? When someone applies for a position that requires an I-9 form, the applicant will be notified in writing of the deadline to submit the form.
How many people fill out Form I-9 each year?
However, a similar number of people filed a Form I-9 with I-9-S for 2012 but not I-9-P for 2013. I-9-S was filed by more than 60,000 people who did not file I-9-P in 2012 and 2013. What happens to I-9-S when people who have filed Form I-9-S don't file Form I-9-S? An employer must pay all refunds and credits for Form I-9-S. See my answer to my preceding question, What happens to a Form I-9-S that I file without filing Form I-9? What happens to a form I-9-S filed by someone who has died? See my answer to my preceding question, What happens to a Form I-9-S filed by someone who has died? What happens if I file a Form I-9-S with a Form I-9-S-S and/or a change in address that has been corrected? See my answer to my preceding question, Which forms of Forms I-9-S do I need to file? Additional I-9 FAQ's, Form 8332-EZ Who gets Form 8332-EZ? Employers can use the Form 8332-EZ to provide their employees an explanation of, and remedy for, any problems they may have caused. For example, an employer who learns of a problem caused by an employee with a disability might report the information to a Medicaid plan administrator, who could use it to request the employee participate in a state's Medicaid program. What should an employee do if they have a problem with an employer during the I-9 process? If an employer has a reasonable belief that an employee has falsified or concealed information on an I-9 or if an employee fails to submit a Form 8332-EZ, it must stop collecting and remitting Social Security and Medicare. If the employer is an S corporation, the IRS recommends that the employer notify the IRS directly rather than directly to the employee. You can file Form 8332-EZ as early as six months from the date you learn of the problem.
Is there a due date for Form I-9?
Yes. A person can petition for adjustment of status to permanent resident of the United States after the person submits Form I-9 to obtain a U.S. work visa. The due date is two years after the date of filing the Form I-9 or one year after the applicant has received the U.S. work visa. Form I-94—Permanent Resident Card I am a green card holder. How do I apply to take a U.S. passport and apply for a permanent resident card? A person with a work or residence visa issued by a foreign country may present the original Form I-94 (Permanent Resident Card) and one passport photograph (1) in person to an Immigration Officer at an Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) office or a consular post abroad (i.e., passport must be in same name as applicant). The officer(s) will make a final determination of validity of the alien's travel document and issue the person his/her new document. A passport photo can be taken any time while in the United States, including while traveling at foreign ports-of-entry and foreign airports. The applicant may present the original Form I-94 (Permanent Resident Card), a copy of the applicant's passport (if valid), and their original passport photograph along with a U.S. Passport Card to an Immigration Officer at a U.S. consulate, a non-U.S. government international airport, or a U.S. embassy. If the applicant has valid documents that clearly show that he/she is a U.S. citizen, such as a Certificate of Citizenship or a U.S. Passport, the person may present all the above documents along with documents proving U.S. citizenship, such as a birth certificate, naturalization record, marriage license, or bank statement, when requested by the Officer. If the applicant does not have a valid U.S. passport, an officer may apply for an entry visa or a provisional immigrant visa and can then review the applicant's travel document at an airport port of entry. The person can submit that particular travel document along with the other travel document(s) that were submitted with Form I-94 (Permanent Resident Card) to an Immigration Officer. How long may an application for a U.S.
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